Spacetime structural property

of matter in motion

Autor: Alfonso León Guillén Gómez

Colombia, 2007

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- Nature Physics said: 'your findings may well prove stimulating to others thinking about such questions, I regret that we are unable to conclude that the work provides the sort of firm advance in general understanding that would warrant publication in Nature Physics' Mon, 23. Jul 2007 11:11:45.

- The pairs named by Chinesse Physics Letters said: 'First pair: This paper suggested an idea that the spacetime is structural quality of the matter and field. According to the author's logic, the spacetime is not continent but content. The particle-wave, of matter and field, has three special dimensions and one temporal dimension. Therefore, spacetime is structural quality of particle-wave. However, there is no experiment to support this idea. In fact, the concept that spacetime is the geometric structural quality of the field-matter is contradictive to the general relativity of Einstein. Since the general relativity has been proved by many experiments, the author's opinion is incorrect. At least, it is unaccepted to criticize general relativity as a bad theory with good results. I would not recommend publishing this paper in Chin. Phys. Lett. Second pair: The heuristic observation and the remarkable viewpoint in the paper let me be interesting in. However the material and the argumentation are not so full. But the important thing, I think, is that the type of writing of the paper is not suitable to the CPL, so, very sorry, I could not recomment it to publication in CPL.' Tue, 14. Aug 2007 00:00:00.

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LaFlecha. El error del espacio-tiempo (I)

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- It was accepted during 2010, in four of five major global events on General Relativity. These are: EGM13,13th EASTERN GRAVITY MEETING, USA (North Carolina State University), May 21 - 22 (Presented through of a poster and included in the report of EGM13, due special kindness of doctor David Brown). GR19 2010; Mexico city, 19th conference on general relativity and gravitation, july 5-9 (Referenced in the report of GR19); ERE 2010, Spain (Granada), Spanish Relativity Meeting 6-10 de Septiembre (Referenced in the Report of ERE 2010); and presented in PETROV 2010 ANNIVERSARY SYMPOSIUM ON GENERAL RELATIVITY AND GRAVITATION, Russian Federation(Kazan), 1-6 de November.



GR19 2010; Mexico city, 19th conference on general relativity and gravitation-Participants

ERE 2010, Spain (Granada), Spanish Relativity Meeting

ERE 2010, Spain (Granada), Spanish Relativity Meeting-Participants

-In Petrov`s Symposium abstract was published in "Program and Abstracts", page 65, and paper was published in "Contributed papers", pages 101-109. The autor atended to Petrov`s Symposium and he lived the best days of your life. Thank you, thank you very much, in Colombia to Vera Pak, the government and people of Kazan, in especial to professors Asya Aminova, Sergei Sushkov of the organizing committee of the symposium, Dieter Brill of Maryland University, to physics student of Kazan University Mr Roman Korolyov and and all the wonderful people who attended of the Russian Federation and the rest of world.

Invitation extended to the author by the organizing committee PETROV 2010 ANNIVERSARY SYMPOSIUM ON GENERAL RELATIVITY AND GRAVITATION

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Spacetime structural geometric property of matter in motion

- It was accepted in the meeting Grav11, realized in La Cumbre, Córdoba (Argentina), between the 11-15, april 2011. The author attend like participant through the inscription of the abstract of the paper "Spacetime geometric structural property of Matter in motion". In this event the author, through of a personal letter, delivered at the site, invited to each one of the other participants to read your paper published at "Contributed papers", Petrov`s Symposium. The author acknowledges the assistance, social interaction and exchange of scientific knowledge to the organizer committee of this meeting Grav11, professors Sergio Dain (Unfortunately deceased 24-02-2016), Gustavo Dotti and Omar Ortiz, and in especial, to professors Daniel Sudarski, of Nacional Autónoma of México University, Antonio Gutierrez of Tecnológica of Bolívar University of Colombia, Mario Díaz of Texas University at Brownsville, USA, Oscar Reula of Nacional of Córdoba University, Steven Willison of Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECS), of Valdivia, Chile, Mohd Bilal of Aligarh Muslim University, of Aligarh, India, Luís Lehner of Guelph University, of Canada, and to your mother lady, and all the scientifics that attended.

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The theoretical contradiction between General Relativity and Quantum Gravity about gravity was ended, since spacetime is not structural property of the gravitational field like Einstein said. Exactly spacetime is the structural geometric property of the matter and energy that it gives their geometric dimensions. Thus, spacetime is not continent of the matter (Substantialism), since it is contained. Neither is the category of the relations between material bodies or between their events (Relationism) since is not relational property; spacetime is structural property. The particle-wave, of matter and field, has intrinsically three spacial dimensions and one temporal dimension. The spacetime is intrinsically the structural quality of particle-wave. The spacetime is the geometric dimensions of the particle-wave itself and for others. Therefore, the matter and its movements are contain itself. Now only Quantum Gravity is possible.