EGM Participants

Name Affiliation Talk Title and Abstract
David Brown North Carolina State University
Brajesh Kumar Gupt Louisiana State University
Edmond S. Miksch Pittsburgh Energy Associates A Minority Opinion concerning Negative Mass
Andrew Beckwith Detection of Gravitational waves with semi classical features and cosmological implications (of such semi classical features)
Ramesh Sharma University Of New Haven Space-times admitting a quadratic conformal Killing tensor
Chifu Ebenezer Ndikilar Gombe State University Orbits in Homogeneous Oblate Spheroidal Gravitational Space-Time
Maria Babiuc-Hamilton Marshall University Extraction of Gravitational Wave from a Binary Black Hole using the Cauchy-characteristic Approach
Lisa Lowe North Carolina State University
Richard Kriske University of Minnesota Inside and Outside, the Gravitational Equivalent of Up and Down?
David V. Stallard Professional Engineer A Proposed Model for Ordinary Gravitation
Douglas Urban Tufts University Violating the Energy Conditions
Douglas Sweetser Impressions of a unified standard model Mathematica notebook and t-shirt
Steve Liebling Long Island University Compact Binary Mergers
Morgan MacLeod Bowdoin College The Onset of Merger in White Dwarf-Neutron Star Binaries
Thomas Baumgarte Bowdoin College Trumpet-Puncture Initial Data for Binary Black Holes: Motivation and Setup
Jason Immerman Bowdoin College Trumpet-Puncture Initial Data for Binary Black Holes: Numerical Techniques and Results
Mike Eldridge Bowdoin College
Jason Grigsby Friedrich-Schiller University Dynamical shift conditions for unequal mass black hole binaries
Rakesh Ginjupalli UMass, Dartmouth High-Precision Numerical Simulations of Rotating Black Holes Accelerated by CUDA
Brett Shapiro MIT LIGO Status Update
Jolyon Bloomfield Cornell Four-Dimensional Effective Theories from Five-Dimensional Braneworld Models
Alfonso Leon Guillen Gomez ResearchGATE scientific network Spacetime structural property of matter in motion
Amitai Bin-Nun University of Pennsylvania Lensing by Sgr A* as a Probe of Modified Gravity
Jens Koeplinger Greensboro, NC
M.E. Hogan UMass, Dartmouth
Paul N. Demmie Sandia National Laboratories
Maxim P. Zalutskiy Wake Forest University
Bijan Berenji SLAC/KIPAC/Stanford Limits on the Scale of Large Extra Dimensions via Observations of Neutrons Stars with Fermi-LAT
Bin Chen University of Oklahoma Swiss Cheese Gravitational Lensing
Gregory Cook Wake Forest University
Paul R. Anderson Wake Forest University Linear Response and the Validity of the Semiclassical Approximation in de Sitter Space
William East Princeton University Ultra-relativistic neutron star collisions
Roland Haas Georgia Tech Gravitational and Electromagnetic Signatures from the Tidal Disruption of a White Dwarf by an Intermediate Mass Black Hole
Phillip Mendonca UMass, Dartmouth
SungHoon Kim UMass, Dartmouth Instabilities in numerical loop quantum cosmology
Frans Pretorius Princeton University
Michael Good University of North Carolina Moving Mirrors and Black Holes
Tanja Bode Georgia Tech Electromagnetic Signatures of Relativistic Supermassive Black Hole Mergers
Jeremy Hohertz Wake Forest University
K. M. Flurchick North Carolina A&T
Christy Miksch Pittsburgh Energy Associates
Matthew Corne North Carolina State University Gravitational binding in charged spherically symmetric objects
Fethi M. Ramazanoglu Princeton University Numerical Analysis of Black Hole Evaporation in the CGHS Model
Stephen Lau University of New Mexico IMEX evolution of the generalized harmonic system
Theodor Brasoveanu Princeton University Relative stability of black hole threshold solutions in Type I critical gravitational collapse
David Falta UMass, Dartmouth Can Gravitational Wave Signals be Detected from Type Ia Supernovae?
Jeffrey Winicour University of Pittsburgh Disembodied Boundary Data for Einstein's Equations
Seth Hopper University of North Carolina Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals in the Frequency Domain
William Galati University of Maryland
Jason Bates Wake Forest University Effects of Quantized Scalar Fields in Cosmological Spacetimes with Big Rip Singularities
Eyo Ita US Naval Academy Instanton Representation of Plebanski Theory: Gravitational Coherent States
Eric D. Carlson Wake Forest University Semiclassical Gravity in the Far Field Limit of Stars, Black Holes, and Wormholes
Sarah Fisher Wake Forest University
Glen Double North Carolina State University
Charles Evans University of North Carolina
Roseanne Cheng University of North Carolina

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